The death of a loved one is the greatest life stress we can face and the greatest form of grief is certainly the death of a love one. During this time of loss well meaning friends and family may not be strong enough to support us in the best way. Sometimes they just want to ease your pain, so they may say things that don’t quite feel supportive. Mostly what you may need at this time is someone to simply listen and love you through this difficult time.

Perhaps you do not feel comfortable asking people to support you because they, too, lost the same loved one or perhaps you think people have their own life stresses to deal with and thus you don’t feel comfortable asking them for help.

Grief is a common reason that people seek out counseling. All the staff at Inner Light have experience working with clients who have lost a loved one. However, what we like to do is to offer you a Consultation Visit with an objective therapist. During this first visit the Consulting therapist will get to know you on a personality level to get a sense of which of the therapists on staff you would best be suited to work with. Because of the sensitivity of the issue of grief, we want to be assured you feel safe and cared for by your therapist.

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