Compulsive Overeating Weight Loss

How long have you struggled with weight issues, compulsive overeating, binge eating, purging or an obsession with food? How many different diets and methods of help have your tried?

Congratulations for never giving up. You can overcome your “weight issue” or eating disorder. If you didn’t believe you had the power to succeed you wouldn’t be reading this.

We also believe you can overcome. We use a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapy, the Journey Process , EMDR , supportive therapy , guided imagery, Gestalt Therapy , and encouragement of positive thinking to help you find victory of weight, overeating and bulimia. Some of these techniques can be very powerful alone.
Here are a few simple steps that we can help support you in mastering in order to overcome this battle once and for all. We can help you:

1) Attract what you desire through right thinking (using the Laws of Attraction)

2) Imagine yourself thin (guided imagery) and thus manifest it

3) Get to the cause of the issue and pull it out at its roots ( EMDR , the Journey , Gestalt )

We have experienced therapists who have worked with weight issues and body image issues and have the skills to use a variety of the above-mentioned techniques to help ensure your greater success once and for all. It may not be the quick fix you are looking for (and it could be) but you owe it to yourself to never give up and start a NEW and different recovery journey.

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