If you are a loved one of someone who has an addiction, you have been severely affected by their illness. Your life seems to have become unmanageable also and your esteem may also have been affected.

You may have tried everything to help your loved one to stop, including expressing your pain and anger. Yet still they are powerless.

You can’t make them stop – but you can help yourself to begin to recover from life as you have come to know it, filled with stress and disappointment. Oftentimes in helping oneself, the addicted person has a greater chance of recovering – breaking free from the grips of the alcohol or substance abuse or both.

Your happiness is important. You can live in greater peace and contentment regardless of what is going on around you. Let Inner Light Counseling & Holistic Center be a source of support to help you get through this difficult situation.

We have therapists that are experienced in working with drugs and alcohol as well as working with the family members of an addicted person and we would like to help.

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