An eating disorder such as Bulimia can be a real burden to live with. At first it probably seemed like a good idea to be able to purge or take laxatives to rid yourself of the possible weight gain and guilt associated with normal eating or binge eating. But as time progressed, you probably saw yourself having less and less control over not only your eating habits but also your purging and laxative habits. Now life feels unbearable at times,...you are consumed with thoughts of food, uncontrollable urges to eat or binge and the associated guilt that accompanies these behaviors.

To further complicate things, the foods you choose to eat, the so-called "comfort foods" have left your blood sugar and Serotonin levels so low that you may suffer from fatigue and depression due to physiological reasons. Your health is surely being compromised on many levels and inside you may fear what you are doing to your body. The power of such an addiction is strong and when we are abusing ourselves with any addictive behavior, the results are low self esteem, insecurities, feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness and depression.

You may have tried often to stop the binging or overeating. You may be afraid to stop the purging or laxatives until you can eat moderately or lose weight first. That feeling of being "overweight" or "fat" or more to the point, "not good enough as you are" is all consuming and painful.

The TRUTH IS ......YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE AND...YOU CAN OVERCOME THIS DISORDER. Others have succeeded in winning the battle of Bulimia, compulsive overeating and their weight issues. YOU CAN TOO . This is our hope for you.

We have an Eating Disorder specialist on staff that can help you overcome this dis-ease through the use of supportive psychotherapy, behavioral techniques, and perhaps more important, the use of therapeutic techniques that will help you get to the cause of your eating disorder and subsequent depression. Techniques that we have found helpful in treating Bulimia include EMDR , The Journey or Gestalt Therapy .

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