Alcohol And Substance Abuse

Inner Light Counseling has on the staff a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, LCADC as well as an Experienced Alcohol and Drug Counselor working with Adolescents.

Whether it is yourself or a loved one that is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, it is a common problem that hurts everyone. As a person suffering from this kind of addiction you can be riddled with a sense of powerlessness, guilt and shame. It leads one to feelings of despair, anxiety and depression. Addiction lowers your self of self worth and self-confidence. Fear of being caught or fear of never being able to overcome the addiction can feel overwhelming.

Your life can feel completely out of control. Your family life and career could be seriously affected.

Sometimes the desire to stop is so great – but the temptation hits to drink or take a drug and your willpower or resolve seems to weaken. Don’t despair. Millions have conquered their addiction and so can you.

At Inner Light Counseling Center we take a 12-Step approach to helping you win your right to break free from addiction. We will be there to support you through your recovery.

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